BitСOEN – First Community Open Exchange Network

Have you heard about the cryptocurrency for communities before? Sure you haven’t. Because we’re the first, the one and the only in the world.

We create a swift, decentralized and secure network that unites communities in a global ecosystem.

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Russian Crypto Awards Kosher ICO award
Media Leader Cryptocurrency award
Business idea №1 in cryptocurrency and blockchain award

BitCOEN blockchain network

Blockchain Height
Total supply
100 000 000 BEN
Active Nodes

How our coin unites the communities

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Cryptocurrency for Communities

When we started in 2017, Jewish community supported us. But as our blockchain has started, early adopters requested us to support them. That’s why we’ve spread our coin to Turkish and Russian communities and included them into our ecosystem.
Today we are open to every community in the world.
No transactional charges inside the network.
Jewish Community
Turkish Community
Russian Community
Join the global crypto economy with your community. Send info about you and your community to:
[email protected]

Community Open Exchange Network Ecosystem

BitCoen wallet
PC/MAC/linux well protected and free wallet.
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BitCoen wallet
BitCoen mobile app
BitCoen mobile app
For iOS and Android. Allows you to store BitCoen and send them very fast
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BitCoen Blockchain Explorer
BitCoen Blockchain Explorer
See your transactions and BitCoen blocks.
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Unique blockchain
We’ve built a unique secure transactions exchange network. Our blockchain is able to process 1 000 transactions per second, and each operation is free.
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Unique blockchain

BitCoen Blockchain

BitCoen’s blockchain is based on Limited Confidence Confirmation Proof-of-Activity (LCPoA) principle and utilizes a system of trusted nodes.
The technology of BitCoen network is able to process 100 transactions per second. For example, the most hyped crypto networks Bitcoin and Ethereum are able to process 7 and 20 op/sec.
Network is protected from spam and false transactions. The confirmation uses Proof-of-Time protocol, so the transaction’s high speed guarantees validity. This allows us to maintain an impressive level of security.
BitCoen protocol does not utilize any proof-of-work of proof-of-stake mining, so it does not excessively use electricity as a resource and does not affect global ecology.

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Our global ecosystem unites communities and organizations, aims to interact with them in a swift, secure and modern way. Join BitCOEN community and get bonuses from our partners worldwide.
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Got a question? Ask away! We’ll get back to you shortly.
Send all questions to: [email protected]