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BitCoen - "Digital Shekel" 3500 times faster than regular Bitcoin blockchain

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What is BitCoen (Tell Freud, Einstein and Rockefeller)

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Main plus of BitCoen

Meets Jewish law
Independent from other blokchain’s
Impossible to counterfeit
Can not be identified


BitCoen (abbreviated BEN) - the first "kosher" official crypto token, business platform and system of services, created for interaction between representatives of the communities around the world
  • BitCoen wallet
  • Loyalty program
  • Payment system
  • BitCoen platform
  • Marketplace
  • Advertising platform

BitCoen wallet

The mobile wallet has embedded software that allows to determine the point in a given radius, that accept BitCoen. User does not need to look ahead for shops and places where he can spend points, the program will show these points in real time.

BitСoen loyalty program

Valid for Jewish communities around the world. Paying at retail outlets using BitCoen, other cryptocurrency or fiat money, you get BitCoen points, which can be spend wherever BitCoen is accepted as payment. Validity of accrued BEN's isn’t limited. BitCoen loyalty program does not limit the number of accumulated points.

Payment system for online and offline

Crypto-tool BitCoen allows you to make purchases, to carry out settlements, pay for services and to donate to charity. An offline and online payment system that is convenient for use of BitCoen in everyday life.

Advertising platform for Jewish businesses BitCoen ADV

Advertising platform BitCoen ADV, that allows the business partners of the system to get new users of their services, attracting them to products within the Market Place, as well as its partners online resources. The specifics of the platform is into the targeting at an audience of the representatives of the Jewish community. In this case, we combine partners of BitCoen into a single ad network through which they can make profit by selling traffic to other partners or customers or get new customers, but without advertising spends.

Marketplace for Jewish businesses BitСoen Platform

BitCoen Platform a single Marketplace for goods and services that are provided by Jewish businesses. An entry point for both the user and the business representative, uniting them in a single platform, where users will be able to buy goods or order services directly from many suppliers, and businesses to sell their goods to representatives of Jewish communities around the world. Each user and business connected to the platform is a member of the loyalty program BitCoen Loyalty, and also has the ability to accept payments through Bitcoen Pay and pay for internal paid services with BitCoen tokens.

BitCoen Expenses And Corresponding Results

$ 750 000
Blockchain start and BitCoen token release, listing on the stock exchange (min collection volume)
$ 3 m
Creating of the necessary tools for users crypto-wallet BitCoen and its mobile application
$ 7 m
Launch of the BitCoen Loyalty program
$ 10 m
Creating BitCoen Pay payment system with offline payment solution, the online payment system with QR code technology
$ 15 m
BitCoen Marketplace platform for Jewish businesses, goods and services
$ 20 m +
Advertising platform for the promotion of Jewish businesses BitCoen ADV

BitCoen Ecosystem


Token Sale

till 15 February
20 December 17.59 (GMT +3) — 26 December 17.59 (GMT +3)
1 — 50 000 BEN 1 $
$1 = 1 BEN
50 001 — 100 000 BEN
$1 = 1.05 BEN
100.001 + BEN 1 $
$1 = 1.1 BEN
26 December 18.00 (GMT +3) — 9 January 17.59 (GMT +3)
1 — 50 000 BEN 1 $
$1 = 1 BEN
50 001 — 100 000 BEN
$1 = 1.045 BEN
BONUS 4,5%
100.001 + BEN 1 $
$1 = 1.095 BEN
BONUS 9,5%
9 January 18.00 (GMT +3) — 16 January17.59 (GMT +3)
1 — 50 000 BEN 1 $
$1 = 1 BEN
50 001 — 100 000 BEN
$1 = 1.04 BEN
100.001 + BEN 1 $
$1 = 1.09 BEN
16 January 18.00 (GMT +3) — 23 January 17.59 (GMT +3)
1 — 50 000 BEN 1 $
$1 = 1 BEN
50 001 — 100 000 BEN
$1 = 1.035 BEN
BONUS 3,5%
100.001 + BEN 1 $
$1 = 1.085 BEN
BONUS 8,5%
23 January 18.00 (GMT +3) — 6 February 17.59 (GMT +3)
1 — 50 000 BEN 1 $
$1 = 1 BEN
50 001 — 100 000 BEN
$1 = 1.03 BEN
100.001 + BEN 1 $
$1 = 1.08 BEN
6 February 18.00 (GMT +3) — 15 February 17.59 (GMT +3)
1 — 50 000 BEN 1 $
$1 = 1 BEN
50 001 — 100 000 BEN
$1 = 1.025 BEN
BONUS 2,5%
100.001 + BEN 1 $
$1 = 1.07 BEN
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Why BitCoen crypto-tool - is legal?

A matter of fact that BitCoen crypto-tool is a loyalty program based on the blockchain. After payment for goods and services at the stores participating in the loyalty program, you get not abstract points, but BEN’s that can be used as a payment method, transferred, donated or sold to third parties.

The project team

David Dyshko
Сommunity сoordination. The main activity - attracting investment for private projects. The last few years works in development projects.
Slava Semenchuk
Project’s CEO
Serial entrepreneur. The creator of more than 30 startups. Founder of Life‑pay.ru - mpos leader of the Russian market. 23500 companies as customers in 3 years. 2.5 billion turnover in 2015)
The last 5 years has been in fintech projects. In 2016 with partners implemented the project PAYQR.ru which attracted more than 300,000,000 rubles.
Best Young Entrepreneur 2014 according to EY. MBA Moscow School of Management Skolkovo.
Author of 3 best-selling business books.
Dmitry Gorozhankin
Commercial Director
Commercial Director of the European Medical Center. More than 10 years of sales management experience.
Yulia Zhuravleva
Legal support
Law firm consultant from "Lemchik, Krupski and Affiliates. Structural and tax consulting."
A specialist in structuring and tax planning of international business.
Andriy Kareev
Owner of the "Intertorg" company. A man who knows how to deal with everyone and has the keys to all the doors.
Aleksandr Ovcharenko
Communications with partners
Ensuring interaction with partners.
The successful development of partnerships in international projects.
Mila Kretova
Consultant Editor
Author of more than 10 White Paper.
Rostislav Chizh
Product Director
Digital Producer - with experience of restarting variety products at online and offline.
Mikhail Terentiev
Email marketing expert
Five years of experience in marketing and sales.
Worked with global brands such as Yota (Megafon — Telecom), Antalis (Paper Manufacturing), Puma (Sport Retail), Knight Frank (Real Estate), Orange, Tsum (Luxury Retail), Rambler & Co (Media).
Alexey Martynenko
Mobile development
Successful mobile solution development for the world's largest Brands.
Aleksandr Viktorov
Project development, and communications. Development Director at Zion1.ru, Entrepreneur.
Karolina Matusso
Head of Marketing and Communications
Marketing specialist in B2B and B2C. More than 3 years of managing marketing projects in companies from Fortune 500 list.


Dmitry Marinichev
Internet Ombudsman, member of the advisory board of the "Association for Strategic Initiatives", a board member of "Business Russia".
The founder of the Russian mining coin (rmc one), president of the Radius group
Moty Cristal
Professor of the negotiating practice. Founder and CEO of NEST Consulting.
In 1994-2001 worked in the administration of Israel and took part in the negotiations between Israel and Jordan. Since 2001, the company NEST Consulting provides consulting and training for top managers, CEOs of major companies, and members of the governments from Europe and Asia, as well as the US and Russia.
Teaches in the business school Skolkovo, Tel Aviv University and at the Lauders School of Government, Diplomacy, and Strategy at the Interdisciplinary Center in Herzliya. He was a research fellow of the International Institute of countering terrorism in Herzliya and a visiting fellow at the leading international negotiations programs, including the program of international negotiations of the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (Austria, 2001-2008), negotiating a program at Harvard University (2007) and at the Institute of Defense and strategic Studies (Singapore, 2004).
Edward Zillan
Edward Zillan is the Founder of Cryptocurrency Financial, a cryptocurrency consultant, and a successful trader.
Casas and Thomas Klett
The university of St. Gallen teacher and a partner of the Institute of Leadership and Personnel Management at the University.
Since 2006, Thomas Casas works as a teacher at the University of St. Gallen and a partner of the Institute of Leadership and Personnel Management at the University. The main directions of his teaching - entrepreneurship and corporate governance. Dr. Casas created the course "Principles of doing business in Asia," which focuses on Japan, India and China. In addition to activities at the University of St. Gallen, Thomas Casas regularly works with MBA students, the EMBA, as well as with the heads of such world-famous institutions like School of Management. At the University of Toronto Rotman, McDonough School of Business at Georgetown University and INSEAD. Since 2009, is apermanent lecturer of various programs in the School of Management at Fudan University. In 2009, for the paper AMS China: Sell Now or Later he was awarded the Jonathan Welch (Jonathan Welch Case Award), which is awarded by the North American Association for the study of business cases (NACRA).
Sergei Cherniavsky
Vice chairman of the central government committee of CSU of Bavaria on migration and integration of Augsburg.
Member of the Board of the region. committees on external security and health policy
Naila Zamashkina
Development Director of the First interbank Fintech Accelerator Lab.
RAEC, a member of the Working Group on the optimization of tariffs for Internet acquiring. E-commerce commission’s expert Leading expert of ES IRI ecosystem "E-commerce"
Aleksandr Lemchik
Managing partner at "Lemchik, Krupski and Affiliates. Structural and tax consulting."
One of the best tax consultants in accordance with Russian Kommersant More than 15 years of experience in the field of business structuring.
Vladimir Mazur
Vice President NO BF "REK". The CEO of Stroy Invest.
Andrey Shmergelsky
MSc Finance and Banking
Andrey Nedobylsky
Co-founder and CTO in izzz.io blockchain-platform

More than 10 years of full stack development of software products and highly loaded solutions in the field of IoT, ERP and CRM systems of international companies, as well as team management of technical development in large companies such as: квиб.рф, Artskills.ru, nettech.company, рукупон.рф, UnMoment, Аукционмашин.рф, fitness-port.ru, justbefit.ru and so on.

Consultant for the development of blockchain platforms: baikalika.io, sbsplatform.io. Co-author of patents: Device for conjunctival microscopy, Program for the diagnosis of eye pathology, Program for the analysis of the microcirculatory channel of the conjunctiva of the lateral corner of the eyeball.
Ivan Piskunov
Co-founder and CTO of the Consulting agency Asirus.

Independent expert and practitioner in the field of information security, holder of CCNA, CEH certificates, member of the Russian Information Systems Security Professional Association (Moscow) and various professional communities of RISC and Skolkovo Cybersecurity Foundations, author and lecturer of information security courses.
Anzhelika Sheshunova
Co-founder and CEO of izzz.io blockchain-platform

Co-founded several projects based on blockchain technologies and business accelerator akselerator.ru. Consultant for the implementation of blockchain technologies and business development in baikalika.io and sbsplatform.io. 15 years of operational management in companies of various industries (crocus-exspo.ru, ostrovok.ru, Life-pay.ru, flatora.ru, flat.me, topexpert.pro, artskills.ru, justbefit.ru, enki.com). Co-author of the patent: decentralized data storage based on blockchain-technologies.

FAQ BitCoen

What is BitCoen?

BitCoen (abbreviated BEN) is the first "Kosher" ecosystem, a blockchain-project, a business platform and a services system, complementing it, developed for interaction between representatives of Jewish communities around the world.

BitCoen ecosystem includes:

BitCoen Token (BEN), which can act as a means of payment for mutual settlements between community representatives.

BitCoen Loyalty program - Program users after the purchase from program partners get not an abstract loyalty points, but BEN's.

What is Token Sale?

Token sale - it is, in the fact, pre-sale of tokens. In this case - BitCoen tokens. During Token Sale value of one token BitCoen (BEN) will be equal to one US dollar. After the completion of Token sale, the value of the tokens will regulate the market. BitCoen company will not affect the course of his token.

What is crypto-token?

Crypto-token - a digital (virtual) token. It is protected from forgery, as it Is an encrypted information that can not be copied (using of cryptography has determined the prefix "crypto" in the title).

What is the idea BitCoen project?

Project mission Bitcoen - strengthening of the Jewish community and the relationships between its members.

Why do Jewish communities need BitCoen?

Blockchain project BitCoen was originally conceived as a service system, that can qualitatively improve the lives of the Jewish community. This is a fairly closed community that exists around the world. It has a need for internal mutual settlements, private businesses, including only for Jews and developed culture of charity.

BitCoen ecosystem solves such community issues as:
  • High costs of cross-border money transfers between members of the Jewish communities in different countries;
  • No value for "virtual" loyalty points in a conventional loyalty programs;
  • Poor penetration of innovation in the community;
  • Lack of a single global platform (market place) for Jewish businesses.
What provides BitCoen token’s value?

The value of any token provides the functionality behind it. BitCoen ecosystem includes:

BitCoen Token (BEN), which can act as a means of payment for mutual settlements between community representatives.

BitCoen Loyalty program - Program users after the purchase from program partners get not an abstract loyalty points, but BEN's.

The number of accumulated tokens, and their duration is not limited. In contrast to the existing loyalty programs that offer a variety of restrictions, sometimes not obvious to the user, BitCoen Loyalty is completely transparent. BEN's do not burn, and can not be annulled by anyone.

BitCoen loyalty program does not limit the number of accumulated points.

What is Bitcoen ecosystem?

BitCoen Pay is an online and offline payment system for private entities or businesses, at the points receiving payment with BEN's. The team has experience in creating payment systems (Life. Pay, PayQR) so the BitCoen project participants are guaranteed with convenient payment services.

BitCoen Platform - Market Place for Jewish businesses. Businessman can expand the number of clients, including the consumers from other countries.

BitCoen ADV - advertising platform for the promotion of Jewish businesses with the ability to do any targeting within the community.

How to get BitCoen?

You can get BitCoen crypto-tokens by exchanging them for fiat money or cryptocurrency, by earning and getting paid in BEN's by doing something useful for the ecosystem (for example, for developing a useful service or making a training video) or by purchasing from BitCoen loyalty program partners. BitCoen team has developed integration with the largest online stores just after the project launch. Even today, the users of the loyalty program can get BENs, making online purchases in more than 700 online stores and buying goods offline, for example, kosher salt in “King David” company.

Where can I spend BitCoen?
  • at the project partners - these are the companies that have decided to accept BitCoen as payment and participate in the loyalty program;
  • to join the BitCoen loyalty program (for businesses advance);
  • on fees or grant assistance to each other;
  • for charity;
  • to get additional services at the Market Place;
  • as a fee for using service BitCoen Pay
What blockchain BitCoen uses?

BitCoen is based on the source code of the izzz.io platform and uses a consensus that is based on Limited Confidence Confirmation Proof-of-Activity (LCPoA) and a trusted node system (Thrusted Nodes) to speed up the network. It is also planned to create a BitCoen compatibility layer with the ERC20 standard, for easy integration with exchanges.

Bitcoen blockchain features:

LCPoA blockchain algorithm that reliably protects the network from spam and false transactions, while it does not require large expenditures of computing resources;
lack of mining in the system;
transactions within the platform network - are free;
high network speed (up to 25,000 transactions per second)
Thrusted Nodes are nodes that work with the keys that released at the launch of the blockchain network, and used to speed up transactions by the absence of distributed consensus.

Proof-of-Activity Fallback Consensus - a standby system of consensus in the network. Completely decentralized, and allows the network to continue to work if Thrusted Nodes are not available within 24 hours.

For distributed consensus, the time-dependent LCPoA is used.

Bitcoen Token

BitCoen plans to release only 100,000,000 tokens. Emission of tokens occurs once, at the launch of the network, and is distributed among the participants according to the distribution scheme indicated in this White Paper. Additional emission is not expected.

BitCoen can be bought only by the Jews?

Anyone can buy BitCoen tokens. However, the marketing activity is directed at the Jewish community. It is assumed that 80% BitCoen will focus in Jewish communities around the world.

Can I use BitCoen in another state?

BitCoen project is being developed for the Jewish communities and their members worldwide. You can use this ecosystem in all parts of the globe, where they will take BitCoen. BEN's can be used to pay tzedakah, and send them to the needs of the synagogue. BitCoen can be transferred to other persons in the framework of mutual personal or in the form of aid. Geography transfer of tokens is not limited.

BitCoen not contrary to Jewish traditions and customs?

BitCoen - first official token, which is supported by the Jewish community in Russia. The project received the support of the community members in Germany, France, Spain, Italy, and Russia. As president of FJC Russia Alexander Boroda said: "We support initiatives that do not contradict, but rather help our community to grow and be more modern, with respect to time and technology trends. The creators of Bitcoen do the right thing, which, we hope, still more united Jewish communities around the world."

Why do I need a token BitCoen, if there are many other coins?

Token BitCoen is aimed at the Jewish community and its members. But BitCoen will also be available on most of the world exchanges(as a marketing channel to achieve more token holders). In this regard, BitCoen holders will have many benefits on a par with the usual functionality of cryptocurrency. BitCoen can be used anywhere in the world. Bitcoen token can be useful for ordinary users, performing the equivalent of a payment method, and for businessmen who want to join the loyalty program and Market Place.

How many people are there in the BitCoen team? Where is your office?

Our company is registered in the UK, with a part of the team working from Israel, Germany, and Moscow. At the moment the project team consists of 15 people, in addition, we regularly connect with our work team of friendly project PayQR.

We create an ecosystem without territorial boundaries. Our main customer - the Jewish communities and their members, whether they be in Israel, France, Germany or Spain, and our task is to give them the ability to easily use the services of our project.

Why did you decide to create a similar project?

Over the past five years, the founders are engaged in the project start-up and optimization of business, checking the business idea in "Validation of projects." We explored the possibility of the blockchain, cryptocurrency market, and technology, analyzed the value and necessity of the Jewish community in this sector and realized that we can create an international project that will be in demand in the near future. So we came with the idea of an ecosystem of services for Jewish communities on the blockchain technology.